Design For Validation and Credibility

Design Can Help Improve The Validation and Credibility of Your Company as Well as Its Reputation, Here Is How

Design Awards; Taking part in great international design competitions such as the A Prime Design Awards can provide a validity and recognition to your offerings as entries to this competition is evaluated by a very big jury panel of experts; the vali <Cropped>

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An Office by Philip Tse

Philip Tse Shows The Paco Operation Hub An Office

Philip Tse, the creator of the displayed work PACO Operation Hub - An office by Philip Tse explains, Staffs are the most valuable treasure to business. The design offered a harmony and functional space to whom staying the longest time in a day. Conte <Cropped>

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Design Business Awards

It Is Your Opportunity to Highlight Your Products and Projects With Great Design Content Via Design Excellence Awards and Design Business Awards

Are you a professional designer, artist or architect working for an enterprise or are you representing a design oriented product manufacturer or service supplier? If so, the A’ Design Competition are looking forward to seeing your application for t <Cropped>

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Tip-Led Interior Design Light by Tapio Anttila

Tapio Anttila Demonstrates The Tip Led Interior Design Light

Tapio Anttila, the lead designer of the highlighted design Tapio Anttila's Tip Led Interior Design Light explicates, The Tip pendant light designed by Tapio Anttila for Keraplast Interior combines the latest in ecological LED technology with the <Cropped>

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Publishing a Design Book

Your Design Book Could Be Useful For Promoting Your Design Business and Your Name as An Expert Designer. Here Is How to Get It Published

You can of course DIY and publish your design book yourself. You can even construct your own house; you are a designer. However as we all know, somethings are better left to the experts that are specialized in their own fields, those who have establi <Cropped>

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Taxi West's Dependable Packaging System

Taxi West Illustrates The Dependable Packaging System

Taxi West, the project leader of the award winning project Packaging System:Dependable by Taxi West explicates, In a category known for overdesigned "flashy" work laced with starbursts, we decided to use simple, straightforward language (in <Cropped>

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India Design Award

The Idesignawards Is The India Premier Design Competition, Aiming to Highlight The Very Best Designs of Indian Origin

Are you a designer from India and do you want to highlight your good designs to audiences in India? If so, you should join the IDESIGNAWARDS, the India's premier design awards that promotes and recognized the most creative and professional desig <Cropped>

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Mystery Build 2014-$21, 000 in Awards

Create a Work of Art Using Only The Materials Provided in a Mystery Build Kit! What's Inside? We Can't Tell You!mystery Build 2014 Call For Artists and Creators. Awards: $21, 000 in Cash Awards, Plus Gift Cards For Art Supplies! Submission

Create a work of art using only the materials provided in a mystery build kit! what's inside? we can't tell you!Mystery build 2014 call for artists and creators. awards: $21,000 in cash awards, plus gift cards for art supplies! submi <Cropped>

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Reception Stage:depiction by Arundhati Sathe

Arundhati Sathe Presents The Depiction Reception Stage

Arundhati Sathe, the lead designer of the displayed work Depiction - Reception Stage by Arundhati Sathe explains, The set is designed for a wedding reception. The whole concept revolves around the roman architecture. Grand avenue welcome the guest on <Cropped>

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Publish Design Book With Designer Press

If You Are a Designer, Artists or Architect, Then Publishing Your Design Book With Designer Press Is Your Chance to Highlight Your Expertise, Wisdom and Experience

If you are passionate about your designs and creations and wish the world to know about it, getting your design book published is what you need. By publishing your design book, you could unlock a different level of creativity within yourself meanwhil <Cropped>

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