Bluetooth Headset:bluetrek Titanium + by Connectedevice Ltd

Connectedevice Ltd Spotlights The Bluetrek Titanium + Bluetooth Headset

Connectedevice Ltd, the author of the displayed project Bluetrek Titanium + - Bluetooth Headset by Connectedevice Ltd spells out, This new “Titanium+” headset from Bluetrek, finished in stylish design which symbolizes “reaching out” (the boom <Cropped>

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Ching-I Wu's Embo Hospital Hospital

Ching-I Wu Demonstrates The Embo Hospital Hospital

Ching-I Wu, the architect of the displayed design Award Winning EMBO HOSPITAL Hospital explains, Embo hospital was then a decrepit building before its construction, whereas now, it is a revolutionary designed health care institution in Xiamen, China, <Cropped>

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Lumion Visualization Competition 2014

Lumion: Kids Can Win $30, 000 Cash! Use Lumion to Create The Best Architectural Video You Can and Win!

Lumion: kids can win $30,000 cash! use lumion to create the best architectural video you can and win!.

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Ntt Comware “season Display” by Katsumi Tamura

Katsumi Tamura Illustrates The Ntt Comware “season Display” Calendar

Katsumi Tamura, the creative mind behind the awarded work NTT COMWARE “Season Display” by Katsumi Tamura says, This is a desk calendar made with a cut-out design featuring seasonal motifs on exquisite embossing. The highlight of the design is whe <Cropped>

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Why Nonscientific Designs Wins Design Awards?

Learn and Reflect Why Nonscientific Designs Could Potentially Win Design Awards in This Brief Article About Judging Design Competitions and Contests

There are many reasons why a design competition judges are likely to select poor designs. Firstly, the jury analyzes the designs much more than prospective customers, in some cases designs that do not look very good could actually be selected because <Cropped>

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Bibili by Thierry Michel Rosset

Thierry Michel Rosset Demonstrates The Bibili Shelves System

Thierry Michel Rosset, the creative mind behind the highlighted design Thierry Michel Rosset's bibili shelves system points out, Sober and classic in conception, these shelves impress with a strong personality. This comes from the inverted placi <Cropped>

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Communication Design

Confessions On Designing a Successful Communication

Have an excellent product or idea but you are unable to communicate it clearly? Happens to best of us, here are some successful and tried tips on how to get your direct communications responded and prospective leads converted: A) To get it open you <Cropped>

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Washbasin and a Complementary Tap by Deniz Karasahin

Deniz Karasahin Designs The Vortex Washbasin and a Complementary Tap

Deniz Karasahin, the project leader of the displayed design Washbasin and a complementary tap by Deniz Karasahin explicates, The aim of the vortex design is to find a new form to influence water flow in washbasins to increase their efficiency, contr <Cropped>

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Global Design Awards

The Global Design Awards Are Calling For Entries in Arts, Architecture, Product Design and Engineering

The Worlds' leading design accolade reaching design enthusiasts in over 180 countries in 40 languages is now calling for entries. A' Global Design Award winning works are translated to all major languages in order to connect design lovers, <Cropped>

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Ceramic Happy Desk

Small Ceramic Objects to Put On Office or Home Work Desksarta Ceramica, Mexican Artisan Enterprise, Is Looking For Small Ceramic Objects. Items Should Be Functional For Work Desks and Able to Get a Smile, Even On The Most Stressful Workdays. Timeline

Small ceramic objects to put on office or home work desksArta ceramica, mexican artisan enterprise, is looking for small ceramic objects. items should be functional for work desks and able to get a smile, even on the most stressful workdays. time <Cropped>

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