Boom-Fashion Brand Roadshow in China by Lam Wai Ming

Lam Wai Ming Exhibits The Boom Fashion Brand Roadshow in China

Lam Wai Ming, the lead designer of the awarded work fashion brand roadshow in China by Lam Wai Ming explicates, This is an exhibition design project for a trendy fashion brand’s roadshow in China. The theme of this roadshow highlights the youth’s potential to stylize their own image, and symbolizes the explosive noise this roadshow made in the public. Zigzag form was used as the major visual element, but with different configurations when applied in the booths in different cities. The structure of the exhibition booths were all “kit-of-parts” prefabricated in factory and installed on site. Some parts can be reused or reconfigured to form a new booth design for the next stop of the roadshow..

Boom-Fashion Brand Roadshow in China by Lam Wai Ming Images:


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